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Today we received the pictures from our holiday photo shoot and I am so thrilled with how they turned out.

In the moment, the photo shoot was pure chaos. It was really windy so within seconds my hair turned into a hot mess and we instantly regretted not getting Katie a haircut before the shoot. But, when I saw the final images, I smiled because they are real. They capture our love for Katie and each other as well as her personality and energy.

How To Be More Happy, Healthy, Motivated, & Successful!

Her traditional, smocked jumper highlights our Southern roots and the smiles on each of our faces embody the love that we have for our family of three and this chapter of life. During any season of life, there are only so many things that someone can balance. Right now, it is taking all of my energy and more to focus on being the best mother, wife, employee, daughter, sister and friend possible. I will continue to share my life with you all via the blog and social media as I have time.

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The other part of me is stressed out about the fact that I have so much work to do between now and then and I still have a few very important people to find the perfect Christmas gift for before we open presents. Once activated by NIR light, chromophores influence a variety of metabolic pathways that influence healing, inflammation, detoxification and rejuvenation. Thank you for hosting, sharing and stopping by Marla! The small case makes them easy to carry in my running shorts or in my purse when commuting. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays.

I have drastically reduced the number of sponsored partnerships I accept as I want the interaction to be organic versus forced. This is not the new normal, instead it is a combination of taking advantage of an incredible opportunity to go to China and year-end-planning with the customer. I know I have to be flexible and realize that due to schedules, sometimes that will mean I travel five days in a month but none the next.

10 Simple Steps to a Happier, Healthier You

When I walked into the bathroom at JFK to apply makeup before my cross country flight, I realized that I left my favorite Beautycounter foundation at home. The woman who helped me immediately recommended a few different hydrating foundations before we landed on Chanel Vitalumiere. While Bo and I have tremendous help and support from our families, I have a strong desire to create a deeper bond and community with neighborhood friends. While social media keeps us more connected than ever before, I yearn to create a deeper connection with those people who live right around the corner or that play at the same parks and are also struggling to find community in the chaos of New York.

Most of my clothing from last year is now at least one to two sizes too large which has been frustrating but also a great feeling. Many days, I eat breakfast standing up while also feeding Katie breakfast and getting us out the door. Even though I am busier than ever, I am truly happy. Somehow, Christmas is in 12 days.

Am I the only one who is in shock when reading that fact? Part of me is extremely excited as we fly home to Savannah next Saturday. The other part of me is stressed out about the fact that I have so much work to do between now and then and I still have a few very important people to find the perfect Christmas gift for before we open presents.

I have a history of adding unnecessary stress by trying to micromanage and control everything.

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I finally realize what people said about toddlers. Katie turns months old next week and she is definitely in the full-blown toddler tornado stage. We reached out to renowned life coach and nutritionist Ana Alexandre to find out 10 simple tips for a happier and healthier you! Ever wonder why those people on Hoarders look so miserable? Climbing out from underneath piles of stuff can also mean emotional freedom from items that could be mentally weighing you down.

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And from your closets to your kitchen, get rid of unhealthy foods too. These amazing fats found in salmon, flaxseeds, and walnuts purportedly give you glowing skin, fight stress, and reduce inflammation in the body.

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Always keep a bottle with you. If you see it, you will drink it! She suggests setting at least three clear goals per year.

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Write your goals in the present tense I go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday. One of my favorite wellness trends is the rising use of infrared saunas! Infrared saunas are growing in popularity. Based on their function combining the heat therapy of traditional saunas with low-level light therapy and resulting benefits, I use and recommend near infrared saunas.

The science behind the healing benefits of near infrared saunas is strong.

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Once activated by NIR light, chromophores influence a variety of metabolic pathways that influence healing, inflammation, detoxification and rejuvenation. It is not surprising that infrared saunas are quickly becoming the trendiest way to detox and reap other health benefits, since they simply feel great to experience and are a powerful way to de-stress.

You will likely see them popping up in wellness center, fitness studios and spas near you soon or you can buy a high-quality yet affordable home sauna cabana option like this one for convenient home use without the need for a lot of space or dedicated electrical system. One of the most delicious and nutritious wellness trends is the growing popularity of medicinal mushrooms! Mushrooms are a versatile and delicious source of flavor and nutrition and are being celebrated for their healing powers as well.

Different types of mushrooms show promise to help balance immunity, quell inflammation, balance blood sugar and even fight cancer. Many varieties are potent adaptogens which help the body to adapt to the various stressors of life. Extracts from various types of mushrooms contain polysaccharides and beta-glucans which help support the immune system.

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Healthier Happier Now [Dr. Ron Frazer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A collection of short, information-packed articles on wellness. Healthier Happier Now - Kindle edition by Ron Frazer. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks .

They are also a vegan source of naturally-occurring vitamin D , an important vitamin for supporting immune and overall health. The flavor of mushroom powders is generally earthy and mild, allowing them to blend well into smoothies, juices or my 2-Minute Immune Balancing Hot Chocolate! You can also find mushroom extracts in capsules, extracts and whole food form. Make sure they are organic and harvested from a trusted and sustainable source or consider growing your own! Hygge is one of the coziest wellness trends and one that helps support overall health and happiness!