People of the Whale: A Novel

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Did Not Get the Girl: Ruth moves on from Thomas and gets together with Dick Russell. Distant Prologue Everything's Squishier with Cephalopods: Octopi feature very prominently.

Including the kraken-like giant octopus that walks on land. Thomas 's ultimate fate. Thomas definitely isn't a hero, but he suffers from this after the events of the war. Killed Off for Real: Marco Polo Jerk Ass: Ruth was born with gills, and can communicate telepathically.

Linda Hogan

Witka and the Old Ones have special powers. Thomas and Witka can both breathe underwater for a very long time. Finally and most importantly, Thomas dies and gets resurrected. It's never explained how any of this happens, distinguishing it from Urban Fantasy. Marco Polo, although he's named after the explorer, also has the name of a popular pool game where breathing underwater would lead to a major advantage.

His parents can both breathe underwater for an unnaturally long time, and would do very well in a game of Marco Polo.

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People of the Whale: A Novel [Linda Hogan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Deeply ecological, original, and spellbinding. ―Booklist. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In telling a story of the fictional A' atsika, a Native People of the Whale: A Novel - Kindle edition by Linda Hogan.

In an ironic twist, Marco Polo dies by having his head held underwater until he drowns. Never Found the Body: Lin brings him a red fish as memory of when Thomas bought one for her as a souvenir; however, it only reminds him of war and the loss of Marco. In part 3, Thomas goes to Washington, D.

People of the Whale

I really hate evil characters with no apparent motivation. Marco, though against the way the hunt has been organized—the meat sold to Japanese interests—decides to accompany the hunt and tells the men not to shoot the first whale they encounter. It felt a little disjointed and I kept wanting focus. So yeah, get used to the "Drink every time somebody cries" game. Their paths diverge for many years. His death is reported and Ruth continues on, fishing, arguing with the men who want t A new book from another of my favorite novelists, this is just as good as her last. Nov 13, Kate rated it it was ok.

At the memorial, Thomas solemnly reflects on his life in Vietnam. He is reminded of the barren landscapes bombed and defoliated, and the hostility of his unit. He sees his own name on the wall with a circled cross next to it, and suddenly begins to cry as he thinks about the people in his troop that he killed.

He turns against Dwight and accuses him of murdering his son, but Dwight denies the idea.

Meanwhile, Thomas tries to return the medals he earned for his service in Vietnam at The Pentagon ; this does not go as he had wanted, as the truth Thomas reveals is ignored by the men, who tell him to let the past go. Back in Dark River, Thomas reconciles with Ruth. He explains that he wants to be remembered as a man of tradition rather than a man of war, and vows to get Dwight back for what he had done to the whale and their son. When he tells Ruth about how he shot the whale during the hunt, she gets angry that he went against Marco and dismisses him, though is partly understanding of his situation.

Thomas and his men paddle on a canoe out into the water. He begins to sing ancient tribal songs, and Dwight, jealous of Thomas and possibly intimidated by the threat he poses, suddenly pulls out a pistol and shoots Thomas. Thomas falls into the water, apparently unaffected spiritually, and dies.

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However, his spirit is later seemingly reincarnated into his body by the Old Ones and he awakes a new, whole man. Dwight is arrested by his own friends and is put to justice. Months later, Thomas visits Ruth and her boyfriend Dick Russell, expressing his gratitude for all that she has done for him and that he intends to travel to Vietnam to see Lin. Often, Hogan describes events from a perspective where readers must suspend their disbelief and look at the world from a different way e.

The respect for whales and sea life stems from Inuit and Northwest Native American culture, where whales are believed to help people survive by offering themselves, therefore holding a position of reputation.

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When he returns home a hero, he finds his tribe in conflict over the decision to hunt a whale, both a symbol of spirituality and rebirth and a means of survival. In the end, he reconciles his two existences, only to see tragedy befall the son he left behind. She lives in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. A Novel Linda Hogan W.

A Novel Native American literature collection.