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This time a race of bird shifters called Owlkins come to Evy for help. The plot thickens because there is someone in the Triad who ordered all of the Owlkins to be slaughtered and Evy has four days to figure it out. From my limited memory this book feels a lot like the first except in this book I did not care for Evy.

She is really se It has been awhile since I read the first book in this series so I realize I have forgotten a few things. She is really self-righteous on one hand but on the other if you are a non-human she does not care for you unless you are in her inner circle. She calls people ignorant for not knowing about the half people yet she knows nothing about the Therians I think that is what they called themselves.

Then she is constantly augmentative about everything and to everyone, then she has to save everyone yet she needs to be rescued. The actual storyline was a bit to predictable even I figured out who the bad guy was and I can be dense. Then at times it felt like the book had no direction. What I did like about the book was the world building and I liked the side characters; Wyatt and Phineas mostly.

I also thought it was interesting how Evy had to get used to her new body. I will probably read the next one only because I own it. Finished As Lie the Dead earlier today, but I immediately jumped to my next read because I am utilizing the time I have today since I'm off and tomorrow it's back to work. It's been awhile since I read it, so it took me a little while to catch up and remember who the players were, other than Evy and Wyatt of course. It didn't take too long for me to get caught up because basically they wrap up the aftereffects of the last book in the Finished As Lie the Dead earlier today, but I immediately jumped to my next read because I am utilizing the time I have today since I'm off and tomorrow it's back to work.

It didn't take too long for me to get caught up because basically they wrap up the aftereffects of the last book in the beginning chapter. Evy plans to take a nice week long nap, but her plans are waylaid on the way to the car directly following the cleanup. In the form of a man with wings, and no he's not an angel! Basically the cover shows you the first glimpse of the event with the winged man on the car. After my initial slump of trying to play catchup the book became an increasingly fast paced read.

Once again Evy is working on a timeline, but this time it's to save the life of another person. But complications arise, when one event leads to another. She has to take on protecting a pregnant shapeshifter to help save their race, a race she had a minor part in destroying by default, and then another task weighs her down when she has to do everything she can to prove a man's innocence. With Wyatt and the shapeshifter as her backup, it should be easy, right? Especially when complications of Chalice, the body she now resides in, arise in the form of an unexpected visitor.

Of course that's only the beginning of unexpected visitors in this book! I said it was fast paced, but I guess well paced is better because it was well paced and yet still there was a dire need to know that the clock was ticking, hence our getting the time again like we did in the first book. It definitely built up the tension. The characters were all great, both new and old. Evy is the perfect snarky female protagonist that I love. She tends to act and speak before she thinks, which isn't that how we all are sometimes?

Wyatt, still a pretty secretive guy, but a lot about him gets revealed and you gotta love a man with a bit a mystery to him. Although Wyatt has a bit more than a bit! New characters such as the shapeshifters, Phineas and the female Aurora were entertaining as well. Phineas is a strange one because you never quite know what his game plan is, can he be trusted or is he playing Evy?

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Quite a few of his actions leave some lingering doubts. Aurora, the pregnant female was definitely a surprise. Sure she starts out pregnant and helpless, but her character definitely becomes something stronger and she's more than someone in need of protection. The romance was a little sparse in the book, but there are definitely certain moments that are mindblowing. No matter how small. Just tender moments between Evy and Wyatt, you know, when they actually get the chance to have a moment when they aren't running for their lives.

Definitely a series I'm sticking too! Can't wait for the next book, which sadly, isn't until next year. It's okay, since my TBR pile just keeps on growing instead of decreasing as I finish books! There is NO down time. I enjoyed all the flashbacks to Evy's and Wyatt's relationship and it gave a better understanding to the dynamics between Handlers and Hunters. Even with all the background information, there was still plenty of intrigue and while I did figure out some stuff, it still held my interest. Evy is great at sarcasm LOVED all her witty remarks! I was so hoping that the relationship would move along a little faster but it didn't.

It was almost non stop action and even made me want a hot shower and a good night's rest! From so many different angles and it would give away too much to note them all here. Did it make me cry? Mar 02, Darcy rated it liked it Shelves: This is a tough one to review, at times there was so much going on that it was hard to keep track, and there were so many players in the game that it was hard to figure out who was in alliance with who, but it didn't matter all that much as they all seemed to change teams.

With all the action, the story got a little boring, because really, how many times can you face potential death and the doom of the world. So why would I even keep reading???? Well it is due to the main character, Evy. Evy is This is a tough one to review, at times there was so much going on that it was hard to keep track, and there were so many players in the game that it was hard to figure out who was in alliance with who, but it didn't matter all that much as they all seemed to change teams.

Evy is very likable, someone you want to be friends with, and she has a very strong sense of right and wrong, one that directs her actions. I also really like the world that this book is set in, it is one that is unusual. I also really liked the Owlkin, it is not very often that you see bird shifters in a book. I am hoping the next book fixes the issues of this book as there is a lot of potential with this series. View all 4 comments. Aug 31, Lupdilup Duffy rated it really liked it. Another wild ride, this book is as exhausting as entertaining, but most definitely engrossing.

This world is unpredictable as ever, the fast pace continues and the nonstop action make this book a great continuation to the series. The romance still a gray area in this book, I still like Wyatt very much. How can you not like a guy that sacrifices everything for you? What makes me think.. Am I supposed to like Phenias this much? Yes, I love this new character, manipulative but thrust worthy and a great addition to the cast. Again, Xe Sands does a terrific job with this book, and the pace was excellent and I dare to say; even better than the previous book.

Mar 01, Cathy rated it really liked it Shelves: Nonstop action, just like the first book. The girl, Evy, is a bit young for me to completely relate to Plus she sometimes makes comments or has thoughts that are too sophisticated for a girl of her limited experience and education. And I don't actually care about her first love interest at all. But the new guy, as osprey shifter, was great. I hope to see more from him in the future, but a first-person narrative doesn't really suit much secondary character development.

Maybe in a new series Nonstop action, just like the first book. Maybe in a new series? Anyway, the behind the scenes political story is developing nicely and I'm curious to see more about that in the next book, as well as what craziness Meding comes up with to put the time pressure on Evy once again. Aug 11, Karyogini rated it really liked it Shelves: I think this is a better book than the 1st one.

Maybe because the "introduction" is done. At first I thought Truman was super old. That's how I saw him the the first book. Anyway, This book is awesome. I couldn't give it a 5 start just for the simple reason that I was able to fight the urge to keep reading. I did keep my sleeping hours intact In all honesty, this book is really good. But read the 1st Intense. But read the 1st one before going to this one because it picks up right after the 1st book. No rest our poor Evy. Jul 02, Serena DeNardo rated it it was amazing.

This series is wonderful. Its so well written that I'm completely lost in the book - instead of being lost in the story If you like supernatural books that are complex and yet easy to follow with fantastic kick-ass action and a little romance - this series is for you.

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Oct 16, Archer rated it really liked it Shelves: Love the real life feel of the relationship between Eva and Wyatt. You know in between the fighting and dying.. Come on not like I gave anything away with that tidbit.. I've over looked this series for years, sat on my shelf in both paper and e-book. Glad that I gave it a second chance..

As Lie the Dead

Audiobook read by Xe Sands. I enjoyed this installed of the series but was a bit annoyed with some of the characters at times. Going on to book 3. Dec 28, Jess rated it it was ok Shelves: Felt very similar to the first book, I just wasn't that interested. Aug 28, Marcia rated it it was amazing. An excellent installment to the series. Took me so long to read but not because the book sucked just go through breaks with reading.

Excited to read the next one. Notes for me Spoilers: Evie has to get used to living in Chalice's body, having returned from the dead. They work together to track down the "brass" the ones who hand out the orders without a second thought to the consequences, only to uncover worse things at play, putting the brass on hold for now as they try to stop the mass murder of humans. Only to find out that it all leads back to Wyatt and an old friend, out for revenge for Wyatt having killed the love of his life. Mar 28, Sara rated it it was ok. The storyline of this book was pretty interesting and fast paced but the author ruined it for me with three things: They have NO chemistry.

His puppy-like devotion is off-putting and nothing that has happened between them has in any way convinced me that they should be together. I loathe the forced romance. Jun 01, Jenna Archer rated it liked it. It was an absolutely loved this book. I only gave it three stars because it took me a while to get through the middle of the book.

Re beginning and the end were fantastically written, but the middle dragged on and seemed like it was just filler to get to the resolution.

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Other than that I loved the book, and I can't wait to read the next book. Jun 17, Beth Nehme rated it really liked it. Easy listening paranormal romance. All I really want from this type of novel is a fluid writing style, characters I can like or respect, and a morality play I can approve of. This series ticks off all those boxes. Apr 24, Shannon Dyer rated it really liked it. Round up to 4. Evie is a wonderful heroine.

Jan 25, John rated it really liked it. Was pretty good, but took a while to get back into since it'd been quite some time from reading the first. And since I'm a month behind in updating I won't try to say more. Oct 17, Richard Bunaskavich rated it it was amazing. Mar 18, Phil Giunta rated it really liked it.

The second installment in the Dreg City series picks up mere minutes after the epic battle at the conclusion of book one. Former bounty hunter Evangeline 'Evy' Stone finds herself facing an entirely new set of challenges. As she continues to adapt to the new body she inherited after her resurrection from the dead, and her newfound ability to teleport, Evy must also reconcile her feelings for ex-boss-turned-boyfriend Wyatt Truman. Unfortunately, there is little time for self-indulgence as Evy is The second installment in the Dreg City series picks up mere minutes after the epic battle at the conclusion of book one.

Unfortunately, there is little time for self-indulgence as Evy is recruited by Phineas, a shapeshifting member of an avian race known as the Owlkins, to protect a pregnant member of their species. This request brings with it a certain degree of guilt for Evy. The Owlkins had been all but nearly exterminated weeks before when her fellow bounty hunters had been ordered to exterminate their home in an attempt to kill Evy who had taken refuge among the peaceful creatures.

Now, Evy agrees to return the favor and takes these last remaining Owlkins into her "home", an apartment that once belonged to Chalice Frost whose body Evy now inhabits. Eustachius Hospital, friend and handler Rufus St. James recovers from burns and bruises incurred from an explosion that destroyed his apartment complex. Handlers are essentially managers of bounty hunter teams known as Triads. Unfortunately for Rufus, the Clan Assembly of non-human entities is set to execute Rufus for his team's assault on the Owlkins This is, of course, nearly impossible given the fact that the identities of the brass are shrouded in secrecy.

It is known only that they are high ranked officials in the city's police department. To complicate matters, enter Leo Forrester. Playing the role of Chalice, Evy attempts to calm him down, stating that she had not seen her roommate in days. It was easier than telling him the truth at the moment. She invites him to stay at the apartment and wait, but his bouts of rage frighten the Owlkins and Evy eventually asks him to leave.

Later that night, Evy comes under attack from two were-cats who break into her apartment. After a short brawl, one of the shapeshifting creatures is shot and wounded by Leo, who cannot believe his eyes as the creature changes from feline to human.

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Unfortunately, its partners manage to take the Owlkins away as they do not trust humans to protect them. Evy sets up Leo in a hotel room and promises to explain everything when she returns. As if these challenges were not enough, a new enemy emerges with intent to raise a militia of weres and exterminate all humans in the city. As Evy and Phineas investigate this new threat, they learn that it is being coordinated by a human who may not be a new player at all, but someone very familiar with Wyatt Truman--someone with a score to settle.

As Lie the Dead is an enjoyable follow-up to Three Days to Dead with the same action-packed, fast-paced style and well-developed story. This time around though, some of the characters' reactions to insults and stinging remarks seemed a tad unrealistic. More often than not, the characters flinched or winced or leaned against walls in defeat when being told off, reminded of a past mistake, or learning of new developments in the case.

Also, the do-I or don't-I romance between Evy and Wyatt that carried over from book one was starting to drag and I was glad to see that resolve in the end, though the outcome was predictable. It was nice to see some other loose ends tied up as well.

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As Lie the Dead has ratings and reviews. Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠ said: Better than book 1 in terms of keeping up the fast pace and. As Lie the Dead (Dreg City, Book 2) [Kelly Meding] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Evangeline Stone, a rogue bounty hunter, never.

Feb 24, Melissa Hayden rated it it was amazing Shelves: We start exactly where Three Days to Dead ends. Evy is leaving the field of the epic battle she just fought, along side Vampires and other Hunters and Handlers. The battle appears to have taken its toll on all races involved, by the dead she sees around her. This will affect the numbers of the Halfings, Goblins, and the Hunters as well. The Halfings have now moved up on the enemy list to number 1 and Vampires are a temporary ally.

Evy just wants a weeks worth of sleep to make up her lack of slee We start exactly where Three Days to Dead ends. Evy just wants a weeks worth of sleep to make up her lack of sleep before the battle. Evy now takes on another mission to help save a Handler from the torture and eminent death at the hands of another race of creatures, to prove he is not the one guilty for the near extinction of a race of creatures in the city.

There's a debate of whether the Handler's are the murderers or not, since they take the order from the Brass and pass it on to the Hunters who do the chore. Who is Evy to turn to when her boss's and her enemies both have tried to kill her Is there someone inbetween? Evy now has to learn to handle Chalice's memories, good and bad, that are now ever present in her head and still popping up as she goes.

Then we also have those mysterious Owlkins. Do you remember those? They made a brief mention in Three Days to Dead. Well, we learn a lot more of them in this book. And they are really neat! I have to admit right here at the beginning This is a great book in its own.

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This was one I could not and did not want to put down. I was afraid I would miss out on action if I did, like I was watching a movie and couldn't leave the screen - not even for a commercial. With the way Kelly picks up in this book she does NOT skip a beat. In the first chapter, of 19 pages, I am right back to where I was at the end of the first book. She brings up all the same thoughts and feelings for the characters easily here by the characters actions and the refresher I need.

Particularly for Evy and Wyatt, which surprised me to be right back to these feelings and thoughts so fast. Then out of the blue I love this new character! Amazing first chapter, very well done. This chapter starts the frantic pace rolling from here, as it never stops with the story moving forward and the action. The character relationships start to come to the surface more in this book. I felt a better understanding of the Handlers here and even of the Hunters too. I liked how the relationships between the characters grew.

Even that line between black and white for Evy starts to grow a little gray on the relationships with different Dregs and even her place in this world. As the story progressed quickly, I accumulate my questions on the mystery of the story for a section of the book. And they were the ones to keep me wanting more.

Then, I read through a section where I got answers that where accompanied with great action. And more questions came in again, with an ending that answers these questions and pulls it all together. The book is such a fast paced moving read! Kelly never leaves us with a dull moment, with the action packed world Evy lives in. Not only is there loads of action, but details of the different creatures in the Dreg world too. And yes, you learn more on those all powerful Handlers. And with learning of this world of Handlers and Hunters there is also room for growth toward possible future changes to the system.

View all 11 comments. Dec 05, Fangs for the Fantasy rated it liked it. After surviving a vicious battle, All Evy wants to die is sleep for a week. Evy wants time to deal with her feelings for Wyatt but more important to deal with being in Chalice's this has got to be the worst name ever body permanently and the loss of Alex.

Unfortunately for Evy, the rest she so desires and deserves is simply not in the cards for her. When she is approached by Phin, an owlkin theorian who asks for her protection fo As Lie the Dead, begins exactly where Three Days to Dead ended. When she is approached by Phin, an owlkin theorian who asks for her protection for the next few days. Believing that she is at least partly responsible for the near extinction of the owlkins Evy agrees only to discover that Phin and the counsel want the death of the handler Rufus. Evy is now caught between the debt she feels that owes both men.

If that were not enough, someone in the triads has decided to turn their back on humanity and gather therians for an assault. The Triads numbers are low and they are desperate to stop the assault before it happens. Evy must get to the truth behind the origins of the Triad to discover the sickness which has caused one of their own to turn against humanity.

As Lie the Dead was packed with action from the very beginning. I must admit that this is something that doesn't particularly agree with me. I prefer character development and in this story, it really felt squished in between fights. I really liked that Evy continued to struggle with her new body and her rough childhood rather than having these issues being cast aside to deal with the problems at hand.

As a character however, Evy seemed barely able to maintain control of herself. Sarcasm dripped from her tongue and her constant desire in a moment of conflict was to punch someone. She didn't always act on this impulse but the repetition of the impulse did become irritating the more it appeared. Evy also rushed headlong into situation without thinking and deeply resented anything that kept her away from the action. I am hoping that as this series goes on, Evy will mature out of this.

It is possible to be a person of action and think though you wouldn't believe that from reading a lot of urban fantasy. We did have kitsune which are Japanese wereshifters but if you didn't know that, you would never have thought of them as characters of colour from Medings descriptions. It is almost as though she actively stove to make As Lie the Dead as White as possible, even as she borrowed from other culture. It was clear that Meding attempted to make the therians and oppressed class with a juxtaposition to racism.

Phin spent much time informing Evy about her cultural ignorance and even heavily suggests that Dreg, the term used to describe all supernatural creature constituted a racial slur. In Medings world, instead of having racial discord, we got a united humanity against the supernaturals who doubled as an oppressed class. It makes absolutely no sense to have this juxtaposition while heavily erasing people of colour from the text. Apr 17, Jen Davis rated it really liked it. It may be a new book, but Kelly Meding makes the transition so smooth from the last installment to this one, that it feels like continuation of the same story.

Mere minutes have passed and the characters are still so firmly in the moment, that it's virtually seamless. If you haven't read Three Days to Dead , read it now before you go any further. The story picks up in the aftermath of Evy's defeat of the villain who orchestrated her death.

She still has so much to contemplate. I narrowed my eyes at the pair and lowered my voice to a guttural growl. The taller of the two grunted, his thickly lashed eyes going wide. His companion, shorter by several inches and with skin the color of strong coffee, snorted. He belonged to a Handler named Rhys Willemy and had helped arrest my own Handler two days ago. Mot de passe trop court. Le Livre Extraits 1.

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